Saturday, 8 June 2013

Have I Told You Lately...?

Have I told you lately...that we are going sailing again?

Yep we have set sail for a final destination unknown, so surely you jest that I haven't told you before now! Escape Pod and the crew have set sail on a heading North of Lake Macquarie, with a number of destinations planned on the way.

Where might we go you may ask? Definitely Broughton Island, Coffs Harbour is planned for our first overnighter, second overnighter to Gold Coast, take the inland seaway to Moreton Bay and then onto the Sandy Straights.  From there we will head out to the glorious Lady Musgrave, The Percy's, The Whitsundays and well who knows from there, it isn't like we are in a hurry!

After a slightly slow start on our planned departure date, due to the 'jobs list' (read: renting the house out, moving everything out of said house, moving a zillion things onto the boat and a list of boat jobs longer than Charlottes tail) we have arrived in Port Stephens and have been enjoying a lovely few days at Fame Cove.  As a sailing friend (Mr Matt) requested, we are singing along with the Eagles song ' taking it easy' and simply enjoying the ride - we have encountered 3 whales to date, numerous dolphins out to sea and enjoyed an hour of watching the dolphins in Fame Cove round up the bait fish (into the shallows).

So far on the trip the tally is 4 fish for the captain.  A good size bream, a Benito (which we had as sashimi for lunch today!) and a couple of tailor (negative points there for the tally)

I would hazard a guess that I have loaded dry provisions on to the Pod weighing 2 tonne - everything from powdered wasabi we made up today, to bread mixes,  to dried nuts and every Asian ingredient known to man!  We definitely wont starve...

Anyway we are off to Broughton tomorrow if this light southerly stays with us and then mid week to Coffs.  I will leave you with a photo of the Captains fish to enjoy - I know my tummy did!



  1. Btw I also scored a few squid and a couple of shovel nose sharks at Fame Cove

  2. Great to hear from you, sounds like a wonderful trip, brilliant scenery shot and great work on the fishing! Looking forward to more posts, cheers!

  3. Hey Nicole & Peter & Charlotte, Glad you made your escape from the confines of shore...congratulations! Have a good trip up the NSW coast. Captain George will be leaving Mooloolaba Monday night in hopes of crossing the WBB Tuesday morning. Looks like I won't make it back on board until late June in Roslyn Bay. Maybe we'll see you round those parts. Ya'll have sure look like you're eating well. My Captain would be so jealous of Pete's fishing prowess. Keep following my blog too..that way we can keep track of each other. Gail

  4. hi kiddo, lets see if this works. we are off to windang today throwing a line with little mate. he will be rapt as we have prawns for bait like on aunty nickys boat. what a life hey, sailing where you want, when you want, no time frame, just living the life.

  5. What an awesome adventure Nic! A great life experience. Enjoy.
    Narelle BECPERC1 (haha) xx

  6. Have fun on your amazing adventure Nic , I look forward to hearing all about it . . .

  7. Nicole's Favourite ;)10 June 2013 at 20:07

    Hey Nic!!
    Hope you Pete and Charlotte are having the time of your life already! I think Charlotte will be having more fun than you and Pete!!
    Miss you heaps!!
    Your Favourite Admin Person :)

  8. Wow at sewing tonight and Trish brought me up to date on blogging! Sounds fab and ill be looking forward to reading about your wonderful adventures. Cheers Sharron