Thursday, 13 October 2011

The End Is Nigh..

As with any great adventure there is a beginning and an end...

Last Friday an early start from Coffs Harbour had us sailing with the intention of heading straight through to our home port of Lake Macquarie.  There was a forecasted Southerly due in the early evening of Saturday.

The Friday was one of those days that is so awesome that you never want them to end.  A consistent 15 knot breeze from behind (North/North West) that had the Pod sailing along at a consistent 7-8 knots.  The breeze built a little in the late afternoon to 22 knots from behind which had the Pod sitting comfortably at 10 knots - not bad for a 12.5 tonne old girl!  We reefed the main on sunset to ensure we didn't spill our cups of is all about priorities for the crew now.

During the day and as Suellen promised there was a zillion whales and their accompanying pods of dolphins.  The most flipper 'smashes' we counted by any given whale was 19 in a row - it had us laughing and feeling good to be alive.  I can't describe how seeing these big guys jumping out of the water up close makes you feel.

After a great night sail, the breeze died completely and 6am'sh found us at the heads of Port Stephens.  Being a bit weary and not wanting to fight a southerly we berthed at the Dalbora marina by early morning. 
Although the plan is to sail to Broughton Island this weekend the chances are looking slim so it maybe home again, home again...although I have been working on some lino printing for some table ware so wherever I am this is what I will be doing!

Hope you had a great week and that the long weekend is safe whatever you are doing

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