Saturday, 20 August 2011

It's Not All Beer & Skittles!

Cruising on a boat is one of the few things in life where it is almost as much about the journey as the destination. I have always been okay with that - I enjoy the offshore sailing, particularly night sailing when the boat finds a groove and its just you/crew and the sea.

So it was a surprise to me (and to the captain!) that just before sunset (6 hrs into a 29 hr leg) I started crying- I am talking sobbing here. A combination of exhaustion (work and leaving preparations), anxiety about first mates health prior to leaving and anxiety about how the dogs were coping with their first big offshore sail was the catalyst (just to clarify whilst I was crying they were snugled in asleep in the cockpit!). Then of course a quick anxiety vomit really just topped it off...

So we kept sailing in a 15-20knt westerly, with no moon, only our trusty compass to steer with, a gps picture as our guide and me still feeling out of sorts. Then around midnight an amazing thing happened - the moon rose bright and clear from the ink blank horizon and I knew all was once again perfect in the world. It felt like the sun on your back on a bright, clear spring day and I was once again ready for the journey that is required for any worthwhile destination.

A few days hiding from the south/south east weather pattern in Coffs is after all an opportunity for some sewing or for the Captain to teach me how to crochet.....

Hope the moon was shining bright for you..Nic

PS. This picture is of the weather that still taunts us at Coffs Harbour (taken on the approach to Coffs).

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I need a vacation

This says it all - Friday was my last day at work for 6 weeks (& my birthday!). We are now heading off on our sailing adventure.

The weekend was spent packing more things than we could possibly need (I am talking something in the order of 10 trolley loads down the marina here). Finally we set sail on a 10am Swansea bridge yesterday with destination Port Stephens in mind.

We have arrived safe & sound-Although I did receive 8 missed messages from from Miss k. The discussion when I called went something like this - Hi Nic, Umm are you okay, I didnt know if I should worry but the marine police called looking for you because you hadn't called in yet (this was at 4pm) & they thought you were missing. Ummm no we are here safe just took 45 minutes longer than we expected so we were late in logging off the coverage with marine rescue....thanks miss K for looking out for us after having to make a number of calls backwards & forwards!

Pups handled it surprisingly well, maybe better than mum & dad who first thing had to unload the dinghy for a 'dog like' explore ashore. So today a rest day before heading to Coffs Harbour weather permitting tomorrow.

Hope you are having a great day whatever you are doing.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Team Escape Pod

I thought for those that don't know me and for my family/friends who have probably forgotton who I am recently it would be a good idea to introduce you to Team Escape Pod. 

So this is me below and here are 3 things you should know about me...
1) I can talk under water 
2) The captain describes me as colourful (he promises that is meant in a postive way)!
3) I am always interested in people - what they think, why they think that way and what interesting things they are doing.  This applies particularly to sailing, sewing, fabric collections, lino printing and makings skirts and bags.
This is the captain below - three things you should know about the captain
1) He is cheeky and thinks he is funny
2) He can cook scones and is my creative guide for sewing
3) He REALLY REALLY loves to fish and takes over the house and boat with his fishing 'stuff'
This is the first mate below - three things you should know about Billy
1) He is old and loves to smooch and cuddle
2) He loves CHICKEN (the only time he forgets his manners!)
3) He thinks he is second in command in the pack heirachy
This is the second mate below - three things you should know about Charlotte
1) She is naughty - She is sometimes naughtier than naughty
2) She makes me laugh out loud atleast once a day
3) She accepts she is last in the pack but tries to hump my leg occasionally to test the ground!
This is our other home - Escape Pod. Three things you should know about the Pod
1) 40ft Joe Adams design
2) Built in steel around 1986
3) The pack loves her!
Be back soon to show you the start of our adventure....