Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I need a vacation

This says it all - Friday was my last day at work for 6 weeks (& my birthday!). We are now heading off on our sailing adventure.

The weekend was spent packing more things than we could possibly need (I am talking something in the order of 10 trolley loads down the marina here). Finally we set sail on a 10am Swansea bridge yesterday with destination Port Stephens in mind.

We have arrived safe & sound-Although I did receive 8 missed messages from from Miss k. The discussion when I called went something like this - Hi Nic, Umm are you okay, I didnt know if I should worry but the marine police called looking for you because you hadn't called in yet (this was at 4pm) & they thought you were missing. Ummm no we are here safe just took 45 minutes longer than we expected so we were late in logging off the coverage with marine rescue....thanks miss K for looking out for us after having to make a number of calls backwards & forwards!

Pups handled it surprisingly well, maybe better than mum & dad who first thing had to unload the dinghy for a 'dog like' explore ashore. So today a rest day before heading to Coffs Harbour weather permitting tomorrow.

Hope you are having a great day whatever you are doing.


  1. pups look nice and relaxed. why is it that we always pack more than we need. glad its not just mum

  2. Great to hear - yes the dogs do look "cruisy".

  3. Great job Nic ! - Blog looks great xxxxx