Friday, 12 August 2011

Team Escape Pod

I thought for those that don't know me and for my family/friends who have probably forgotton who I am recently it would be a good idea to introduce you to Team Escape Pod. 

So this is me below and here are 3 things you should know about me...
1) I can talk under water 
2) The captain describes me as colourful (he promises that is meant in a postive way)!
3) I am always interested in people - what they think, why they think that way and what interesting things they are doing.  This applies particularly to sailing, sewing, fabric collections, lino printing and makings skirts and bags.
This is the captain below - three things you should know about the captain
1) He is cheeky and thinks he is funny
2) He can cook scones and is my creative guide for sewing
3) He REALLY REALLY loves to fish and takes over the house and boat with his fishing 'stuff'
This is the first mate below - three things you should know about Billy
1) He is old and loves to smooch and cuddle
2) He loves CHICKEN (the only time he forgets his manners!)
3) He thinks he is second in command in the pack heirachy
This is the second mate below - three things you should know about Charlotte
1) She is naughty - She is sometimes naughtier than naughty
2) She makes me laugh out loud atleast once a day
3) She accepts she is last in the pack but tries to hump my leg occasionally to test the ground!
This is our other home - Escape Pod. Three things you should know about the Pod
1) 40ft Joe Adams design
2) Built in steel around 1986
3) The pack loves her!
Be back soon to show you the start of our adventure....


  1. Escape Pod looks terrific and so does the crew. Look forward to the posts. Have a great trip up the coast and look out for the whales!

  2. Ahoy there! Welcome to the blogosphere! Happy sailing adventures - looking forward to the reports!

  3. love the blog. smooth seas, clear skies, gentle breezes. looking forward to following your travels

  4. well Very firstly... HaPpY BiRthDay to Nicole !!!!!! for last week from AAAllllllll of us !
    BON - VOYAGE , We are very happy for the entire crew and will enjoy following your journey....ENJOY xxxxx

  5. Blossom,you always were the emotional one. I know you will hang in there and realise that this is just a little wave on the ocean, one to be sailed over. happy sailing