Saturday, 3 September 2011

It Is Better to Have Loved...

I wrote the previous post but had not published, prior to recent events with Billy which is why these posts are close together.  The pack had been taking it easy, taking day trips only, staying close to ports as our first mates health was starting to fade - the days were about hanging together and enjoying the moment.

Our big guy was farwelled at Manly Qld, 9 days prior to his 12th Birthday. 

I thought I would share a few of my favourite memories
I still remember how he came into our life by chance.  How when I picked him up for the first time at 6 weeks old, he snuggled my neck.  I was under the paw from that moment on.

I remember the Captains face when he saw Billy for the first time and 'oh my goodness, arent you gorgeous' were his words - they have been hanging down in the 'boys' shed together ever since

I remember when Billy dog got shirty with the captain and I for leaving him to go to a friends house for a BBQ - when we returned slightly tipsy after midnight the keys that we left in an upturned planter pot were not to be found in the same upturned planter pot. 
We still laugh how we were on our hands and knees saying 'where are the keys Billy, find the keys'.  How he scratched in the garden bed in various places as if to say oops...not there suckers.  We still cant work out how he got the keys out without turning over the pot - he did finally give the keys location up though

I remember the Captain, Billy and I running and hiding from the ranger at Glenrock.  We were hiding under a fallen tree and Billy kept putting his head up and giving away the location.  Crazy dog!

I remember how he would raise his head up, even though he kept snoring, everytime we moved around him on the boat.  He hated to miss out on anything.

I remember watching Billy, Charlotte and the captain zooming around the bay, in the dinghy - Billys head in the wind, loving it - like the car but better

I remember that it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved him at all.  We miss him heaps. 

We have now journed up till Harvey Bay....But that trip is a whole new post tomorrow


PS This photo is of the first mate chilling out in his preferred method on the boat.  Notice how much room he use to leave the second mate?


  1. So sorry to hear this but it was wonderful to have your 12 years together especially with this sailing trip. "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." (Anatole France)
    Take care.

  2. Those are some lovely memories - great photo! Take Care! And I thought you meant Manly - as in Sydney - doh! Beautiful Billy Dog!