Friday, 16 September 2011

Yep It Really Was That Big!

It was a cracking good day.
The sun was shining.
The wind was blowing a nice 15 knots from behind.
The fishing rods were trolling.
I was steering.
The captain was reheating some vege rice for lunch

I hear a tick, tick, tick and then ZZZZZZZZ....

Call goes out - Captain your fishing rod is doing something.

Captain comes racing out (leaves the water boiling!)
I get ordered to take photos (whilst steering!) and the captain manhandles this 12-15kg Northern Blue Fin Tuna beast aboard (or a long tail Tuna as it is known in this here parts)

I say beast because the second mate who really is not rattled or concerned with anything aboard, (as witnessed by a 55 knot squall that went through at anchor the other day at Tin Can Bay and she didn't even raise her head) lazily gets up to check out what the action is aboard the back deck with this thing 'Dad' is manhandling...

All is going well whilst second mate is checking out the action, and then the 'beast or sea dog as we have come to call it' - comes alive and starts flipping all over the deck - well the second mate is like the old scooby doo cartoon - legs are flailing and desperately trying to get traction on the deck to escape this Sea Dog - her face says it all 'mum get me out of here this sea dog is alive and coming to get me'

Forget the fish it was truely the funniest thing we have seen in ages!  The fish (not the dog!) really made great sashimi though with friends last night

Anyway here is a little of what I have been up toooo aboard the boat

Have a terrific day..


  1. Much better luck fishing than we did - very impressive.

  2. Yep the captain looks pretty impressed too!!