Saturday, 3 September 2011

Soooo Busy!

Well life is moving along here.
There has been a little of this

A little of that....(for the record these are the captains wholemeal and not his dark beer scones)
Many walks in the rain with the pups, time spent chatting to strangers in the laundry, time spent chatting to strangers in the toilets/showers, reading and snoozing (not just first and second mate doing the snoozing here either)

Then the sun came out and the wind died to 10-15 knots which prompted an overnighter to the sunny Gold Coast where there is sooo many boats. Then 'that' decision to take the backway to Moreton Bay through the canals and waterways - well because it 'could be interesting' and that it was.

We got stuck high and dry once when we ran out of water depth - a passing stink boat was kind enough to pull us off. We literally missed the edge of the channel and deeper water by 3 feet. We did however make it to our overnight stay at Jacobs Well under our own steam, then we watched the water beneath the keel go down, way down!

All good though and the next day (with a bit of stressing and good navigating by Me - the captain is laughing at this the stressing was all mine he tells me!) we made it out to Moreton Bay - Peel Island. We have spent a lovely night here and will head off to Tangalooma maybe tomorrow whether and Billy dependant.

Apologies for so few photos on this post but a high five to Suellen who got a second place in a photo competition in the yachties bible the cruising helmsman - well done!

PS This past was written on the 30th


  1. Well you've covered some ground ( I mean ocean)!! Sounds like fun!

  2. Thanks for the congratulations. Very brave to go the back passage to Morton Bay - we considered it seriously but chickened out because of the depth issue. Good on you, I'm sure it was worth it.